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The Most Interactive Preschool Entertainment You’ve Ever Seen

Finally…a Preschool Entertainer Who Keeps the Children 100% Engaged

Have you ever seen preschool entertainment struggle to hold the attention of the little ones? It’s not surprising. Many puppet shows for preschools and magicians for daycares don’t ‘get’ the developmental level of these kiddos. Your entertainer needs to understand children. And he needs to meet the wee ones where they are.

That’s where I can help.

I’m Orlando-based children’s entertainment specialist Jacki Manna. I have offered preschool party entertainment for centers and daycares just like yours for years. My shows combine puppets, ventriloquism, gentle humor, and interactive fun.

Here’s what one recent client said:

“I highly recommend Jacki Manna for any celebration that involves children. She is so talented with keeping them engaged and involved. She has a way of capturing the children’s attention allowing the adults to mingle and enjoy their party. The kids were mesmerized by her puppet show and had a blast with the face painting and balloon art. Jacki will definitely be involved in all of our family celebrations as she is a wonderful entertainer.”

--Linda W.

But that’s not the only one. Not by a long shot! My website is packed with raving testimonials from clients. And I have over 200 perfect five-star reviews on GigSalad and Google and Yelp.

Looking for a themed puppet show for kids or children's magic show?

Preschool Entertainment

5 Reasons Why My Preschool Entertainment and Entertainment for Daycares Captivates Young Children

The key to effective preschool entertainment is variety. My shows are constantly changing. I don’t just bring one puppet to my show, I bring several.  I don't just do puppet shows for preschoolers, I do face painting, balloon twisting, and clowning.  My shows are very interactive. And it’s on the level of your preschoolers.

Here are five reasons why I am your best choice for interactive preschool entertainment and daycare entertainment.

  1. PUPPETS – Young children love puppets! And each of my puppets brings something unique to the show. There are different characters and antics, designed to keep children engaged and laughing.

  2. AGE-APPROPRIATE MAGIC – This is super-important. And it’s something many magicians for preschools in Orlando don’t get. Preschool-age children do not have a real understanding of just what magic is. TV is magic to them. So, my magic is goofier, more humorous and very colorful than the typical; “ta-da!” magic.

  3. JOIN-IN FUN – The easiest, most effective way to captivate young children is by getting them involved! I have them wave their hands, call & response, and plenty of verbal and physical interaction.

  4. KID-FRIENDLY HUMOR – Have you ever seen magicians for hire in the greater Orlando area who use inappropriate humor during children’s shows? I detest that. Every bit of humor is completely age-appropriate for my audiences. I do a lot of silly clown gags that gets the kids laughing hysterically.

  5. FAST SET-UP – The last thing you need is for your preschool entertainer to take 45 minutes or longer to set up. You’ve got enough to worry about without hand-holding a prima donna entertainer. My shows set up in about ten minutes. After the show, I only need ten minutes to pack up. Super easy!

I know what you’re thinking. “This all sounds good, Jacki. But what about specifics?” Glad you asked…

And 1 More Reason: I Am a Pro at Face Painting and Balloon Twisting for Preschools, VBS, Daycares, Churches, and Schools

Optional Christian Educational Lessons or Biblical Messages for Preschoolers, Church Preschools,
Daycares, and Vacation Bible School aka VBS

Here’s an added benefit most preschool entertainers and entertainers for daycares don’t think to offer. Is your preschool held at a church?  If so, I can add Biblical Christian messages to my show by request.

Adding such lessons can reinforce what the children are already learning. As any educator knows, we learn best when we are actively involved in the learning. Entertainment for Vacation Bible School, or VBS, is a wonderful way for outreach to children in your neighborhood.

What Kind of Preschool Entertainment and Entertainment for Daycares Your Children Will See & Experience

Want a sneak peek into the kind of fun your kiddos will have? Here’s a ‘backstage pass’ to my incredible preschool show:

  • The MC of the show, my beaver puppet, magically appears from a treasure box.

  • I invite children to help me with puppet routines.

  • A drawing of a face suddenly starts moving by magic!  His eyes and mouth move, causing the kids to laugh and squeal with delight.

  • Snoopy, my puppy marionette, my Skunky Monkey puppet, and Jo Jo Bean the star puppet keep the show moving with tons of variety.

That’s the key to successful preschool shows, entertainment for daycares, and entertainment for childcare centers. You gotta keep things moving! I even keep things moving during transitions.

Ever watch other magicians for preschools? Many of these magicians for daycares do a good job. But after a routine is over, they take forever outing one prop away and getting another.  For this age group, you’ve lost them. So even my transitions between routines are fun.

  • clown-type gags

  • bubbles and bubble show

  • colorful puppets and magic tricks for kids

  • Every second counts!

Stop Your Search For a Children's Entertainer for Preschool or Daycare Entertainment

I’d love to bring my amazing and fun preschool magic show, puppet show, clown show, face painting, or balloon twisting to your preschool, daycare or childcare center.

But I have to warn you. As one of Orlando’s busiest children’s entertainers, I perform hundreds of shows each year. So, my dates are often booked weeks or months in advance. To avoid missing out, contact me today, while you’re thinking about it. 

Feel free to fill out the No Obligation contact form below or simply call me at (407) 925-3527.


Prices are from $275 - $475 depending on location and choice of services.

For out of town schools and events, travel fee may apply.


Ready to have some fun?!

I'll get right back to you!

Ventriloqust Jacki Manna on stage in front of children performing a magic show and puppet show and circus show in Windermere, Florida.
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