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Children's Birthday Party  Ideas That Will Have Your Child Laughing Hysterically?

Your Child Will Tell You It Was His/Her Best Birthday Ever Thanks to Jacki Manna, the Best Children's Party Magician!

Dear Moms and Dads,

There are so many entertainment choices now, especially in Orlando, Florida.  Do you hire a clown? magician? bounce house? petting zoo? face painter? balloon twister? Do you have the party at home or fight the traffic to a theme park? Sound impossible to choose without getting frustrated?

I can help.  I've done thousands of birthday parties for children plus I have been a teacher for over 30 years.  

Trust me, I know kids.

For the past 30 years I have been a children's entertainer, performing at 200 + events a year in addition to being a full time elementary school teacher with SCPS and OCPS. I think I know a thing or two about children and what they like for fun. So, leave the children's entertainment to me so you can party!

Jacki Manna children's entertainer performing a magic show at a kids birthday party in Florida

"Jacki is wonderful and the kids absolutely loved her at my daughter's 6th birthday party. If you are looking for a show that is great for all ages, she is the way to go. We had ages 2-8 at the party and they were all completely captivated.  Worth every penny to see the look of pure joy on my daughter's and friends' faces.

Ashley, Orlando, FL - 6 year old Birthday Party

The Secret to Orlando Entertainment That Makes a Children's Birthday Party Awesome...

Ask any truly professional local magician for hire and he will tell you the hardest shows to do are shows, that is, entertainment for children. But far too many supposed "experts" think they can perform as a children's magician on the side while they seek out other high-paying gigs. 

True birthday party entertainment specialists know the secret.  

It's all about meeting the children where they are.  What do they want? They want a children's magician or a birthday party clown or birthday party puppeteer who makes them laugh.  And they want to be involved. 


"Everyone enjoyed the show and it was fun watching all the kids get involved.  Jacki was personable, easy to work with and professional.

I would hire her again in a hot minute!"

Holly, Pont Vedra, FL- 11 year old Birthday Party

The best children's birthday magicians and birthday party clowns know that a great party experience must include:

  • "join in fun"

  • "audience participation"

  • "kid friendly humor"

  • "a variety of fun"

Kids have too much energy to just sit and watch a show. They do that enough on their own with screens.  Instead, your children's entertainer or clown must interact with the kids.  In theatre, it's called "breaking the 4th wall".

And most of all, keep them laughing!

(Seriously, is there any more joyful sound than hearing a group of children laughing?)

So Why Should You Hire Me as Your Children's Birthday Magician or Birthday Party Clown To Entertain Your Most Precious Treasure?

Trustworthy.  Experienced.  Dependable.

Fully Insured. Professional.  Silly.

I am a children's entertainer and teacher who has a long, positive track record.

Read what others say about me.

Listen, even though there are lots of good clowns and puppeteers and magicians out there, NONE of them even come close to offering such a proven, kid-tested, guaranteed funny, total children's entertainment package.  The Jacki Manna Birthday Party Show is fast-paced from start to finish with a cast of wild and crazy puppets and amazing magic tricks and clean comedy.

I am a comedy ventriloquist, magician, puppeteer, face painter, balloon twister and clown who specializes in creating good clean fun that engages children and makes lasting memories.  Read more about me.

Stop Your Search For a Children's Birthday Party Magician or Puppeteer or Birthday Party Clown and Have Peace of Mind

Fill out my No Obligation Party Request form to get prices and information and learn how Jacki Manna can make Your Party Awesome!

All birthday parties include:

  • silly stuff

  • corny comedy

  • side-splitting laughter

  • tons of audience participation

  • sound system

Ready? Set? Call!



"This was the best birthday party ever! All the parents, and more importantly, all the children agreed.  You had the children howling with laughter. We highly recommend you and your show!"

Mira, Orlando, FL - Children's Birthday Party

Are you ready to have some good clean fun?
I can't wait to plan some silly stuff with you!
Which one(s) are you interested in?

No obligation.

Thank you! I can't wait to plan some silly stuff with you!

Ventriloqust Jacki Manna on stage in front of children performing a magic show and puppet show and circus show in Windermere, Florida.
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