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Fun & Interactive Orlando Summer Camp Entertainment Your Kids Will Remember for Years

Magic, Puppets, Comedy Ventriloquism, & Join-In Fun for Day Camps, Aftercare Programs, & More

Magic Show and Puppet Show for Kids Camp in Orlando, Florida

Want to know the biggest challenge with summer camps and similar programs? (I know you already know this but play along.)

Here it is:  You gotta keep the kids busy.

And it makes sense. At such a young age, kids have bundles energy.  Their young age means they are programmed to seek out new or unusual experiences. They get bored quickly.

Fortunately I'm here to help.

I'm Orlando children's entertainment magician and ventriloquist Jack Manna. Each year, camp directors are thrilled when I visit their camps.  They know I'm going to put on a fun, interactive, and high energy show children from ages 5 to 12 are going to love.

And I've got proof I can deliver the goods! Here's what a recent client said:

That's not the only one.  They're sprinkled throughout my site, and I even have an entire page dedicated to reviews from satisfied clients.

We booked Jacki for our summer campers, aged between 6-12.  She was great; she kept them entertained and giggling the entire show. They loved it! Would definitely book agin. Five stars." Nicci

Orlando Children's Entertainment for Summer Camp

5 Ways My Summer Camp Entertainment Keeps Kids Guessing

What do I mean "keeps kids guessing?"  Simple. Because kids get bored so quickly, it's important to make any live entertainment experience one that is full of variety.  With so many different things going on, your kids will stay glued to my show the entire time.  They won't want to risk missing what happens next.

Here are just some of the things I do to hold kids' attention:

  • MAGIC:  Magic has never been as popular as it is now  I craft the show to fit the ages of the kids watching. You won't have to worry about the older kids rolling their eyes and grumbling that the show is "for babies". That doesn't happen during my show!

  • PUPPETS:  Children of all ages love puppets.  And introducing puppets opens the show up for conflict.  Your kids will laugh hysterically at the antics of my puppet pals as I try to keep them from misbehaving.  And even older kids will love my puppet characters, especially because I use a dorky green alligator and a sassy mischievous boy.

  • VENTRILOQUISM:  Yup, I'm a "vent" entertainer. People of all ages love ventrilquism when it's done correctly.  Need proof? Look at how popular Darcy Lynn and Jeff Dunham are.  But don't worry - I'm not like Jeff. Everything that I do is completely family-friendly and age-appropriate.

  • INTERACTION:  Children, adults, and everyone in between spend far too much time passively soaking up their entertainment.  Screen time seems to rule our lives.  But during my shows, there is no passive watching. I'll get your kiddow involved.  And I bring plenty of volunteers up on stage to help with the fun, too.

  • AGE-APPROPRIATE HUMOR:  Have I mentioned before how funny my shows are?  Well, they are. And you'll never have to worry about me sneaking in adult humor in some dumb attempt to appeal to the grownups.  That's one of my pet peeves with other children's entertainers and magicians.

The Easiest Orlando Summer Camp Entertainment You Will Ever Hire

I know one thing many summer camp directors worry about.  It's about prima donna entertainers.  There is too much going on at your camp or aftercare program for you to have to stroke the ego of a misguided so-called children's entertainer in Orlando and surrounding areas.

I know how busy your are.  So I provide everything I need except electricity.  Performing outdoors is no problem either.  With my children's entertainment at schools and camps, here's how it works:

I show up, you point to a spot, I set up, and we have a great show.

Orlando Summer Camp Kids Entertaiment

More Than Just Summer Camp Entertainment

So far I have talked a lot about summer camp magic shows and summer camp puppet shows for children's entertainment, but that's not all.  I also offer fun programs and Balloon Workshops for:

  • Extended day programs

  • Aftercare programs

  • Campgrounds

  • Day camps

  • Church camps

  • Vacation Bible School

Don't see your thing on my list? Don't worry. After thousands of shows, I have probably done an event just like yours a dozen times this year alone!​

Children Learn to Make Balloon Animals at Camp 

What brings out the best in children?  Doing, not just watching. Do you think kids can learn to twist a balloon a ballon hat, balloon animal? Yes they can!

Summer Camps for Children in Florida
Orlando Summer Camp Children's Entertainment

The Problem With Summer Camps and After School Programs

After school programs and extended day at schools provide a wonderful service for working parents.  They give parents a safe environment for their kids while they finish their workday  Summer camps provide enrichment for children of all ages during the summer months while school is out.  

But the problem with each is finding things to do.  Some summer camps and after school programs focus on sports. But not every kid enjoys sports.  And if it rains, it may force you to cancel certain events.

Balloon Workshops For Summer Camps and After School Programs

Fortunately, I have an unusual solution. What if your kiddos could learn how to twist their own balloon animals?

My balloon workshop is an amazing experience for children of all ages.  During my workshop, everyone learns how to twist a simple balloon dog, a crazy hat , and other fun designs.  Because this is a beginner class, I keep the designs simple. 

Even though balloon twisting may look easy, even adults are surprised to discover how challenging it is when they try it for the first time.  And for young kids, it's important to empower them. I focus more on making the kids feel good for accomplishing something rather than fancy-schmancy designs. 

Like what you have read so far?  Ready to take the next step?  We can connect in two ways:

  1. Fill out the No Obligation contact form on this page.  Once I receive your information, I'll respond ASAP.  I'm a one person operation, but I take pride in responding personally to questions fast, usually within a few hours depending on my performing schedule.

  2. Call me at 407-925-3527.  If you're like me, you like the personal touch.  Call or text me and we'll discuss your event. 

I do recommend calling right away.  I am fortunante enough to perform at hundreds of events each year.  So my calendar fills up weeks or even months in advance.  And summer dates go REALLY fast.

Prices for children's summer camps, aftercare or extended day, church camps and VBS, and campgrounds in Orlando and the surrounding area range from $275 - $475 depending on size of school and location.

*travel fee may apply

Call today before it's too late.

Ready to have some fun?!

I'll get right back to you!

Orlando Children's Entertainer
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