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Looking for Summer Reading Program Shows?

Magic Shows for Libraries and Puppet Shows for Libraries Guaranteed to Get Children Excited To Read More Books

I am Jacki Manna, 30 year veteran teacher and children's entertainer.  I taught high schoolers, middle schoolers, and 3rd and 4th graders. Even  though I loved teaching every grade, and I love to read.  I have to say my favorite memories are when my 3rd and 4th graders would "devour" their books during our novel studies time.  The laser focused looks on their faces as they gobbled up every word on the page is imbedded in my mind.  We read out loud with voice sound affects, paused to comment, and then peer pressured back to "Keep reading!"   Why is reading so important for student success? I know first hand the positive affects reading books has on the development of school aged children. These benefits last long into adulthood and throughout life.  

If you are a librarian looking for summer reading program ideas or a PTA parent looking to hire a children's entertainer for your school's Book Fair Family Night or teacher looking for a reading show magician entertainer for your Read Across America event, you already know the benefits of reading books.  

  • Readers have better critical thinking skills 

  • Readers have expanded vocabulary knowledge and use 

  • Readers have more creativity 

  • Readers have better communication skills  

  • Readers have improved memory 

  • Readers have less stress

  • And the list goes on...

Why is reading to children and even babies important?  

  • Reading out loud promotes healthy brain development.  

  • Reading out loud strengthens language skills 

  • Reading out loud demonstrates correct pronunciation

  • Reading out loud uses proper grammar

  • Reading out loud improves listening and focus

  • Reading out loud prompts imagination. 

My library program shows and reading shows are like reading a book out loud to the audience.  


The puppet shows and magic shows that I present at the library for summer reading or library events are good for the brain and for the soul.  My story telling captivates the children. My puppets tickle their funny bone.  My magic tricks stir their imagination.

As a teacher and kids entertainer, I create new and fun-filled book loving shows that draw crowds of families to the library, summer reading programs, book fairs, schools, Read Across America, and all book events.


children's magician entertainment performing magic show at volusia county public library florida

The event was hosted at the Lake Helen Public library and the kids absolutely enjoyed the show. I was amazed at how Jacki Manna was able to keep the attention of the kids for so long. Jacki also implemented her jokes into her magic tricks very well. Daniel, Volusia County, FL - Library Summer Reading Program

Jacki Manna did a superb job with our end of summer bash. There were over 50 people in attendance with the vast majority being children between the ages of just a few months to approximately six years of age. Jackie was able to keep the kids engaged with her show, which besides the puppets, also included comedy, songs, ventriloquist lessons and a puppet craft. She also incorporated audience participation, and the children were more than eager to get involved. The kids, parents and teachers thoroughly enjoyed her show! We hope to have her back in the future! Charlie, Librarian - Volusia County Library, FL Summer Reading Program

children's puppet show entertainment and children's party magician performing for summer reading program at the library in Florida
children's entertainment at summer reading program at volusia county libraries in florida
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