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Looking for Summer Reading Program Shows?

Are you a librarian or media specialist looking for summer reading program shows? Are you on the PTA or PTO committee at school to find entertainment for kids for Book Fair?

Let’s face it. You have plenty of options for Orlando children’s entertainment including Florida magicians and Florida puppeteers for summer reading programs. But not all of the so-called educational children’s program experts understand the job of a library performer.  

Hilarious Puppet Shows and Amazing Library Magic Shows That Promote Your Special Events, Get Children Excited to Read, and Get More Kids into Your Library

As a children's entertainment library performer, I know the real reason why you are searching for library magicians and library puppeteers near you.  You want a show that:

  • will draw more patrons to your library, boosting your attendance numbers.

  • will highlight popular children's books that fit the year's Summer Reading Program theme.

  • will bring in new visitors to your library to get a library card.

  • will encourage children, teens, and parents to check out books and media.

The event was hosted at the Lake Helen Public library and the kids absolutely enjoyed the show. I was amazed at how Jacki Manna was able to keep the attention of the kids for so long. Jacki also implemented her jokes into her magic tricks very well. Daniel, Volusia County, FL - Library Summer Reading Program

Guarantee Yourself an Incredible Event with an Experienced Orlando Children's Entertainer aka Summer Reading Program Magician Ventriloquist

I perform magic shows and ventriloquist puppet shows for the summer reading programs each year for the libraries in Orlando and counties throughout Florida, Georgia, and Alabama.  And each year I create a brand new show designed to focus on the Summer Library theme.  Because I create a new ventriloquist puppet show or magic show each year, children can return to your library year after year for fun and amazementI always refer to specific children's books during my show and encourage librarians to set out popular books tied to that year’s theme for the kids to check out.

The puppet shows for children and magic shows for children that I present at the library for summer reading or library events are good for the brain and the soul. My library program shows and reading shows are like reading a book out loud to the audience.

Check it out:

  • My story telling captivates the children.

  • My puppets tickle their funny bone.

  • My magic tricks stir their imagination.

How My Summer Reading Magic Shows and Puppet Shows are Different From Other Library Performers in Florida

As a combination teacher and children's entertainer, both over 30 years, I have a fine tuned my craft and I have a special connection with children.  For example,

  • I create new and fun-filled  book loving shows every year that draw crowds of families to the library, summer reading programs, book fairs, schools, Read Across America, and all book events.

  • I understand how to grab and hold the attention of children of all ages.  And I understand how to weave educational or motivational content throughout a fun and engaging show.

But wait.  My reading shows are not just great for libraries. I can help you if you are a PTA or PTO committee person looking to hire a children's entertainer for your school's Book Fair Family Night or teacher looking for a reading show magician entertainer for your Read Across America event.

My educational and fun reading magic and puppet shows can easily "scale up" for groups of up to 500 students at a time in your school.

JackiManna (MMM)CIRCUS use PUPPET GROUP 2-6-2023 -16x24_MG_6892_pp-.jpg

A Little Story About Your Next Summer Reading Program Performer...

I am Jacki Manna, 30 year veteran teacher and children's entertainer.  I taught high schoolers, middle schoolers, and 3rd and 4th graders. Even though I loved teaching every grade, and I love to read, I have to say my favorite memories are when my 3rd and 4th graders would "devour" their books during our novel studies time. The laser focused looks on their faces as they gobbled up every word on the page is embedded in my mind.  We read out loud with voice sound affects, paused to comment, and then peer pressured back to "Keep reading!"   Why is reading so important for student success?

I know first hand the positive effects reading books has on the development of school aged children. These benefits last long into adulthood and throughout life.

I would love to bring my amazing and fun Children's Entertainment Summer Reading Program to your library or school.

But I have to warn you. As one of Orlando’s busiest children’s entertainers, I perform hundreds of shows each year. So my dates are often booked weeks or months in advance. To avoid missing out, contact me today while you are thinking about it. Feel free to fill out the No Obligation contact form or simply call me at (407) 925-3527.

Prices range from $275 - $375 for libraries in Central Florida and schools in Central Florida. Discounts for multiple libraries in the same system or county.

*travel fees may apply

All library programs include:​​

  • book promotion

  • library information

  • corny comedy

  • side-splitting laughter

  • tons of audience participation

  • sound system

Ready to have some fun?!

I'll get right back to you!

Fun Facts:  How Children (and Adults) Benefit from Reading...

Most people reading this already know the benefits of reading books. But studies show that many adults never willingly read another book after graduation.  If you're a parent reading this who does not like to read, check this out:

  • Readers have better critical thinking skills.

  • Readers have expanded vocabulary knowledge and use.

  • Readers have more creativity.

  • Readers have better communication skills.

  • Readers have improved memory.

  • Readers have less stress.

  • And the list goes on...

Why is reading to children and even babies important?

  • Reading out loud promotes healthy brain development.

  • Reading out loud demonstrates correct pronunciation.

  • Reading out loud uses proper grammar.

  • Reading out loud improves listening and focus.

  • Reading out loud prompts imagination.

Jacki Manna did a superb job with our end of summer bash. There were over 50 people in attendance with the vast majority being children between the ages of just a few months to approximately six years of age. Jackie was able to keep the kids engaged with her show, which besides the puppets, also included comedy, songs, ventriloquist lessons and a puppet craft. She also incorporated audience participation, and the children were more than eager to get involved. The kids, parents and teachers thoroughly enjoyed her show! We hope to have her back in the future! Charlie, Librarian - Volusia County Library, FL Summer Reading Program

children's entertainment at summer reading program at volusia county libraries in florida
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