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Frequently Asked Questions

Experience counts! After serving thousands of satisfied customers, I've worked hard at anticipating questions you might have about my services and company. As a professional, I strive to anticipate your needs and cater to even the most minor details that can help make your event planning easier.  Read how I guarantee that your children's event will be successful.

Q   What ages will enjoy the puppet or magic show?

A    Ages 2 and older for the puppet show, ages 4 and older for the magic show.

Q   How much space is needed?

A    About 8' x 8'

Q   Is anything else needed?

A    Proximity to an electrical outlet .

Q   Do you bring a sound system?

A    Yes, but I am able to connect into a large stage sound system if one is available for larger audiences.

Q   Can the show be outside?

A    Indoors is enjoyed most by all, but if outside, there has to be a covered area and an electrical outlet within 10 feet.

Q   Do you offer any themed shows?

A     Yes,  "Sensational Silly Circus" which includes magic, puppets, plate spinning and tons of audience participation. Kids at Birthday PartiesPreschools, and Summer Camps love the Silly Circus because they get out of their seats for juggling and plate spinning.

Q   Can you work our theme into the show?

A     Yes, for example, I have a specific show for libraries which matches their theme for summer reading programs and throughout the year.

Q   At a birthday party, should food and drinks be served during the show?

A    For the best laughing and audience participation experience, food should be before or after the show, preferably after.

Q   How long have you been entertaining children?

A    Since 1990.  Read how being at the right place at the right time miraculously got me on this road to entertainment. 

Q   Do you have insurance?

A    Yes, full entertainers' insurance.

Q   Have you had a background check to work with children?

A    Yes, as a teacher with the public and private schools in Florida I have had several.

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