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Have you ever wanted to join the circus?

I did! Ok, it was only for one night. But it was one night to remember!

It was so good to be on the other side of the stage. Now I was sitting in the audience. And I had the time of my life with real circus people....Ron Severini, Dan and Faryln Stapleton, Paula Blackwelder, John Zimmerman, Luciano de Pazos, Dee Dee Wilcheck, and many more Circus Fans of America.

I'll remember the sights....acrobats spinning so fast upside down. I'll remember the whirling around the cage. I'll remember the feeling....laughing at the cute dogs doing their tricks. I'll remember the smell.....the guy getting shot out of a cannon. And of course the taste of popcorn while watching INCREDIBLE DARING talent!

Usually I am ON the stage getting my audience to use all their senses and having the time of their life with my Wild and crazy magic show! Hilariously funny puppet show! Balloon twisting for kids workshop! Face painting! Now as a spectator at the circus, I know even more what to give my audience. The fun, the excitement, the experience that each person will always remember!

Guess what's new at PLATE SPINNING!

Isn't it your kids' turn to experience the thrill of being part of Jacki Manna's fun, funny, and fabulous show? Right now I'm filling my calendar with Preschools, Summer Camps, Birthday Parties and More! Grab the date you want. Book now! Call or Text me: 407-925-3527

With all the things that you can do, the circus is the place for you! Yes! This is where I want to be. The circus is the place for me!

Expect Excellence, Jacki Manna

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