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Discover why thousands of people choose Jacki Manna for their Church event!

Powerful Reasons to Choose Jacki Manna 

Jacki Manna Entertainment

The Word is preached and souls are reached!  

I come to your church with one purpose in mind....Souls!  Every word is biblically backed up. 

Jacki Manna Entertainment

The Gospel of Jesus Christ is presented in a memorable way.

I teach and preach in an entertaining manner that will see lives changed and inspire families to love the Lord with their whole heart.

From beginning to end the program is high energy and good clean fun.

The purpose is not lost in all the excitement.  Even though the presentation is entertaining, Jesus is honored, and the truth of the Holy Bible is spoken.

Jacki Manna Entertainment

Proven, dedicated evangelist. 

I have traveled to 4 continents on missions trips as a children’s evangelist for Christianity. For 20 years, I was on staff in Children’s Church. I have co-produced and hosted countless Vacation Bible Schools (VBS).

I am part of an exciting Children’s Christian Musical called Ignite Your Light Kidz.

The founder and producer, Whitney Lynn, is the singing Christian Princess Estie. My puppet, Fizzy, and I are two of the star characters in this incredible, God-inspired musical that enlightens and gives hope and freedom to children around the world!  

As of 2018, Ignite Your Light Kidz is being broadcast on 13 Christian TV stations nationwide and in Canada!


  • CTN,

  • Uplift TV

  • Parables TV

  • NRB TV

  • Sacramento Faith TV

  • Son Broadcasting

  • Manhattan Neighborhood Network

  • God's Learning Channel

  • Total Living Network

  • 360 TV

  • WTLW 44

  • WIMB 40

  • Miracle Channels Creed TV Canada

Jacki Manna Entertainment
Jacki Manna Entertainment
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