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Good Clean Fun!

Q: Why do cows stay close together when it's cold out?


Are you ready to ring in a new year with lots of Good, Clean Fun? Well have I got a show for you! It's the funniest, corniest, silliest stuff that will have the whole audience laughing hysterically! Kids will talk non-stop about “that awesome show” with alligators, ducks, possums, and all kinds of surprises. It's magic tricks. It's ventriloquism. It's puppets. It's the funniest show ever!

Fill out the Event Request Form today to check on availability and pricing. I will follow up with you soon!

But wait! There's more! You can have...

  • Face Painting

  • Glitter Tattoos

  • Party Games

  • Balloon Twisting

I do it all! Check out what others are saying. Read my reviews here:

Expect Excellence, Jacki Manna

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