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55 + Shindigs

Why should children have all the fun?!

Powerful Reasons to Choose Jacki Manna 

Jacki Manna Entertainment

The Young at Heart love to laugh, too.

Your guests may forget what is said and done but will always remember how they felt!  They will laugh hysterically at squeaky-clean comedy.

Matilda and Chesterfield are seniors themselves

Silly. Wacky. Side-splitting. Hilarious. Milk-through-the-nose funny. Get your camera out so you can re-live the time of their lives!

You'll have guaranteed results.

You’ll have peace of mind with my 100% money-back guarantee.  I’ve performed for literally thousands of people, and no one has ever wanted their money back. In fact, I get asked to come back again and again. Don’t believe me? Please read my reviews.  

Jacki Manna Entertainment
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