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About Me

Welcome! I am glad you found me and all my puppet friends!  My name is Jacki Manna and I have dedicated my life to children as a teacher, performer, mother, and now a grandma! (Mimi) 


I have had, and still am having and sharing, a lot of fun in this wonderful life.  That's why I do this thing called show biz; 'cuz laughter is good medicine for all.  Since I started my entertainment business in 1989, I have done over a ba-jillion shows (sounds like a good number) especially if you count full time teaching!  After all, teachers are daily event planners and entertainers, right? 


In case you  want to know more about me, keep reading.

I put myself through college at The University of Iowa (hence the Corny Comedy Crew) by teaching kids how to swim in my parents' backyard (thanks, Mom and Dad!).

I earned my degree in French (vive la France) and Economics, finished my last college years in Montpellier, France and then worked at IBM in Bordeaux.  The only reason I left my wine, cheese, and bread behind was to work on a cruise ship.  And that's where the ship and my life changed course...out in the middle of the ocean!  I met Howie Olson.  


Howie Olson was a ventriloquist who worked with his father's figure, Cowboy Eddie (carved in 1910). He had a radio show, then a TV show (Phenix Phil) in Houston, TX and then a children's TV show (Circus 3) in Madison, WI.  He became my mentor and taught me ventriloquism and how to carve wooden figures. How cool is that?

Read more about Howie Olson and Cowboy Eddie

and here


Take a look around. Let me know when you want me and the corny comedy crew to get you and the whole family laughing!  It's all pretty corny and just good clean fun!


Phone:  407-925-3527

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About The Show

Children's Parties

It's the ultimate party!  Puppets  + Magic + Face Painting + Balloons!

What more could a kid want?

This Circus style show is corny, wacky, wild, crazy, silly, funny, and side splitting with zany puppets (ventriloquism + marionettes), cool magic tricks, and plate spinning. Bump it up a level with face painting and balloons!  Kids go crazy!  Kids on stage!  Kids love it!

Isn't it your child's turn to experience the thrill of being part of Jacki Manna's fun, funny, and fabulous show?!


Adult Parties 

Kick your shoes off and step into a wacky world of comedy where you will be dazzled by incredible voice illusions and  lively, unforgettable characters.  It's corny and engaging with zany characters like Mathilda, aka Granny, Gramps, and a vintage puppet who never grows old.  The audience sees funny, fast paced ventriloquist characters that you'd swear were alive, and magic that will not only fool your eyes but will make you laugh. 

Isn't it time you took a dose of medicine (laughter) that really works?


A Real Professional of Her Art!


Jacki Manna far exceeded my expectation when she performed her ventriloquist show in conjunction with magic. The children, as well as the parents, laughed, played along, and laughed again!  The show was very interactive, and Jacki’s props were fun, colorful, and different. There was story-telling, singing, and audience involvement.

Great Show,

Even Better To Work With


Jacki was an absolute delight to work with and a consummate professional. My nieces and nephews are still talking about her show - and trying their hand at ventriloquism, much to their parents’ joy!  She is great, funny, and really delivers.  I can’t recommend Jacki highly enough!

Professional and Fun


Jacki was prompt, professional, and FUN!  Our summer campers LOVED her!  They are still talking about her performance to this day.  I would recommend her for any event.  She is very flexible and has a show for every theme!

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